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Arun Saha is a veteran Pune-based photographer who had been associated with Indian Air Force for 16 years as a combatant member and technical photographer. Despite possessing a sound prowess in Cine, Aerial and Ground Photography concerned to defence system, he generated a strong desire for other photographic fields owing to his field activities reaching the outlying places far away from home. Hence travel, journalism, humanity, people and culture attracted him the most. He completed his Master’s degree in both “English Literature” and “Journalism & Mass Communication” in the persuasion of his dream to establish himself as a writer-photographer. After executing the golden handshake with his defence employer, he started delving deep into the abyss of human resources, especially to the lesser-known places, to explore the hidden treasures of diversified cultures and human behaviors. His works on the life, culture and heritage of rural Maharashtra have received huge applause around the world. His article on the turmeric festival of Jejuri was published in the prestigious online magazine DODHO from Barcelona, Spain and the same fetched him the Performance Award in HPA(Humanitarian Photography Awards), China, 2017. His article and photographs of Indian culture and heritage got published in OUTLOOK TRAVELER and too. He is the co-founder and chief mentor of the photography department in “Academy of Visual Artists” and “Fotorbit India”. He also runs his own photography tour and workshop venture as “Arun Saha Photography” where he is the chief photographic mentor and workshop leader for innumerable Indian and foreign aspiring photographers. He is also appointed as one of the photographic mentors by “Photographic Society of Pune” and “Pict-o-real” photographic clubs for his 30 years’ long experience and sound knowledge in the field of photography.  Maharashtra Tourism Department of Govt. of Maharshtra has bestowed him with the coveted winner award for photography for his work on ‘Kolhapur Kushti’ for the promotion of Maharashtra Tourism in the current year 2021-22. He also serves as a guest lecturer of photography for different universities like Sandip University(Nasik), Techno India University(Kolkata) for their VFX and Visual Art departments. Despite having left his mark successfully in almost every genre of photography as a mentor and photography teacher, from portrait to wildlife to landscape to fashion, his penchant for human behavior and the colors of their life made him establish his niche in the field of “Travel & Festival” photography the most.


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Academy Of Visual Artists

Academy of Visual Arts (AVA) is formed with a love for different genres of visual art. We are here to nurture each budding artist to understand their liking and dislike to channel their passion for their goal. AVA believes in providing guidance by the doyen of that field who is also a mentor here. Thereby uplifting an artist’s skills. We are here to promote art with the belief that one day the artists can freely take up their passion as their profession without a glitch. AVA’s goal is to make art a mainstream profession.

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