A Different Theyyam Photography Tour By ASP

Date : 31st  Jul to 03rd Aug, 2022


Theyyam is the most colourful, action packed, raw and humanitarian festival of India wrapped in the warmth of faith, devotion and ritual of human emotions together. It is probably the longest running festival in the world that runs in terms of days (nearly 8 months at a stretch) in a single season. The word THEYYAM literarily means GOD in Malayalam language, which is derived from “DEIVAM”, the Devnagri synonym of god. It is the local festival of Kerala, where natives consider this as the channel to communicate with the god directly and to gain his blessings. In the process, different variety of Theyyam programs are organised in order to keep the state and its people safe from the different natural calamities, like drought, flood, fire, epidemic et all which they religiously consider as the wrath of the god. That is why in every event, performance is made in the form of different Theyyam based on old mythological stories, where divine power is shown to protect people from those deadly happenings. People from lower communities, like Vannan(washerman), Gulika(Tantrik), Teli(oil extractor) etc. get the privilege to perform Theyyam as a traditional right from their ancestors for generations. There are nearly 456 different forms of Theyyam, most of which are being performed in Kannur and Kasargad districts of Kerala, in the more than a thousand temples in this “god’s own state”. The festival is performed both during the day and at the night. Night Theyyam or Fire Theyyam is more enchanting, charismatic and popular among the viewers as well as worshippers. Devakooth is the only Theyyam where the performance is done by a female, which occurs only once in two years. The other notable Theyyams are Sree Muthappan Theyyam, Padikutti Amma, Vishnumoorthy, Gulikan, Padamadakki Bhagavathy, Chamundi, Kuttichathan etc.

performance is generally enacted by men performers, for both male and female parts. The performer who enacts the role of the divine, powerful, mythological or hero character is known as “Kollam”. Decorative headgear, elaborate makeup, heavy ornaments, colourful costumes and exotic make-up are the main highlights of Theyyam. of performers. But the prime interest that makes the event more attractive lies in the unique way of the performance consisting of face painting, dancing in raze, looking at the mirror for the spirit transformation, dancing and jumping on and over the fire, sacrificing rooster and so on. Altogether, each and every such distinct and unique aspect of this ritual smitten with the essence of faith and reverence makes this festival different from any other around the world.



Kathakali is a form of dance with roots back in India many centuries ago. It’s a storytelling form of dance made up of actors who use mudras, or hand gestures that convey the dialogue of their individual character, as well as bhava, or using facial expressions to show the internal state of their characters.
(This program will be a part of the workshop subjected to 6 or more participants*).



Jul 31

We are to reach the resort/guest house by the evening and get settled. Will have a short introduction followed by the event familiarisation pep talk by the mentor along with a slide show. Before crashing out, we will have our dinner and get our accessaries ready. Our shoots are scheduled to start by next morning.

Aug 01

In the morning, we will start to cover the making or preparation of Adi Vedan Theyyam, which is more popularly known as Cute Children Theyyam, the only Theyyam performed by children.
Aadi and Vedan are two different Theyyams representing Parvathy and Siva and are performed by children during the Mansoon season and they visit each house during this season. This custom is related to the Farmer families of Malabar. This custom is on the verge of extinction since school-going children who perform this Theyyam are not willing to take part in this anymore nowadays due to their educational awareness.
Later part of the day, we will cover another very interesting Theyyam called Mari Theyyam. The performers here get themselves costumed in such a different way than all other Theyyams so that one may mistake their activities as one from the African region.

We will have the Kathakali shoot during afternoon hours(Subjected to conditions applied*)

In the evening at our leisure, we will conduct an image review and post-processing session to facilitate the participants to upgrade their photographic abilities.

Aug 02

On this day again we will start with the remaining part of the Adi Vedan Theyyam in a different venue. Later part of the day we will cover another very powerful Theyyam called Muthappan Theyyam. We will end the day with Adi Vedan Theyyam to cross the lush green paddy field overlooking the railway track – a very contemporary testimony of the yore old traditional culture with the raw touch of the rural landscape.
We will conduct a final image review and photo editing session with the images taken during the photo tour.



Aug 03

Our A Different Theyyam Photo Tour & Workshop gets over after having a delicious breakfast in the lazy hour of the morning.



COST OF THE TOUR : Rs. 18,000/- (Double occupancy) / Rs. 26,000/-(Single occupancy) for Indians and 450$(Double occupancy)/700$(Single occupancy) for Non-Indian(foreigner/NRI) participants.


If you cancel your registration, then you will be refunded according to the following schedule, based on the full fee of the Workshop:

45 days or more: 75% refund

30 days or more: 50% refund

Less than 30 days: 25% refund

Less than 15 days: Non –refundable

Fee Includes :

    • Shared double bed room (same gender participants) in a standard clean guest house in Kannur, with western toilet. For separate room extra charge is applicable.
    • It will cover your main meals (breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner), starting from 31 Jul evening tea to  03 Aug Breakfast.
    • Mineral/Filter  water will be provided only during meals
    • Tea/Coffee will be provided with breakfast and in evening
    • All local transports related to our tour
    • Mentor’s fee for photography tour, on-field photography assistances, photo editing workshop and image reviews

Fee Doesn’t Include :

    • Train/flight tickets to and from your place.
    • Travel charges for airport/Railway Station/Bus stand pickup and drop.
    • Any additional food items or beverages during meals.
    • Any personal habit, medication or expenses.
    • Anything that not in “Included” list.

What do I get from this photo-tour?

    1. A thoroughly guided photographic experience by an expert in the field who knows the places and events very well.
    2. Slide show presentation of photographs and information of locations and events before each day’s shoot.
    3. Guiding all participants about lens requirement, creative composition and camera settings on the field during photo shoot.
    4. Everyday review of participants’ photographs.
    5. Assisting in possible editing guidance.
    6. Guiding participants in finding photographic locations and vantage points for places and events.
    7. Helping in finding the local delicacies.

Am I eligible for this tour?
Anyone above 18 years (unless accompanied by a parent or guardian) is welcome to join this photo tour.

I am new to photography. Can I join this trip?

Yes of course. This tour is for all photography enthusiastic people. The more you travel and explore, the more your photographic eye will open. Moreover, our team leaders will ensure to give special attention to the beginners.

What equipment is required for this Trip?

Well, even the point-and-shoot camera will work fine. If you have a DSLR camera, any zoom lens and a wide-angle lens will work, but preferably a full-frame camera with a faster wide-angle lens will serve best. A mid tele lens, preferably a prime one will help you to take those breathtaking portraits. A laptop with post-processing software, an extension charging board, an external hard drive, and extra memory cards will be helpful.

What is the difference between ASP Photo Tour and other tours?

We are not offering a package tour for general tourists; it is specifically meant for photography enthusiastic people and designed by experienced professional photographers. You will discover the place and learn a lot about this ancient city, its local people and their culture which is an important part of our travel photography. We will try to observe the local people, their daily activities and cultural beliefs and will try to capture those moments using the right compositions and techniques. Our Team Leaders will help our guests to learn camera settings, framing and as well as post-processing. If that’s what is your requirements then surely join us for this exciting photo tour with ASP.

#Under any unavoidable circumstances, if we have to cancel our photo tour, your entire booking money will be refunded. 


    • We don’t have any control over weather conditions, pandemics, accidents or any medical emergencies. Under any unforeseen conditions, we may have to change our schedule. We expect your cooperation under such circumstances.
    • In the COVID19 PANDEMIC situation, we expect all our guests to follow the ASP and Govt laid down rules of social distancing and precautions throughout the tour, whenever and wherever required.

Click here to see the entire Theyyam portfolio.

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